Damon & Naomi

合作將近30年,Damon與Naomi除了音樂之外也同時將腦海裡的想像揮灑在至影像、文字、設計等等領域。Damon同時是詩人也是作家;Naomi則是身兼攝影師與平片設計師的身分,並且常常包攬自己的唱片設計以及宣傳影像等等工作。這樣子的合作狀態從兩人在1987年與Dean Wareham一起組合的Galaxie 500樂團就已經開始了。

他們的音樂充滿隨興的呢喃與搭配得當的男女聲線穿梭其中。斷開了與Galaxie 500的關係之後,仍然能夠用簡單的狀態讓人想像在宇宙中漂浮。

在嘗試過經營自家唱片品牌與小型出版社之後,近年Naomi將自身的才華延伸至音樂錄影帶導演。合作過的藝人包括Marrisa Nadler,Julia Holter以及Elisa Ambrogio。兩人的才華令人欣羨。
1)It’s your second time to perform in Taiwan. Can you tell us how you feel about Taiwan?
We remember the dumplings and soy milk soup very, very well! It was a wonderful first visit to Taiwan when we were there 10 years ago. We are excited to return.

2)”Simple Life” is a lifestyle festival that combines young indie music and original creative products. Can you tell us what kind of lifestyle “Simple Life” represents to you?
There is a cliche in English, “the best things in life are free." It is a cliche because it is true!

3)Damon & Naomi are quite popular among art enthusiast around the age of 40 in Taiwan. At present, people are easily confusing Enthusiast with Hipster. Is this kind of phenomenon also happened in your country? And what do you think of this?
Hmm, maybe we don’t have this same vocabulary here – but we believe art is to be shared, and it is wonderful when people do. Maybe it is a missed opportunity, when people mistake it for a possession?

演出時間:12/05 16:10-16:50